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Neechi Commons celebrates the creativity of Children of the Earth School students with Royal Winnipeg Ballet   –  Saturday, December 16th . 11:30 to 2pm 

Winnipeg: Neechi Commons is promoting youth arts with inner city youth at a special event with the public.

Neechi Niche, a cultural art and crafts store inside Neechi Commons has teamed up with Children of the Earth high school to bring their students in their art program to Neechi Commons for an exhibition of their art (see above ) and to sell their 2018 Calendars. The Children of the Earth art program is supported by the Omazinibii’igig Artist Collective since 2014. The influence of indigenous teaching can be seen in the varied works of arts that the youth express their perceptions of the world, their identity and their culture.

Louise Champagne, President of Neechi Foods, states “We are delighted to help support Children of the Earth’s art program and their wonderful work .They’re an inspiration and an important part of our community in the north end.”

The event will include a special visit from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet and their mascot Filbert who will be available for photos and to talk about the upcoming production of Nutcracker. Guests will be able to enter a draw to win tickets for a family of four to attend the Nutcracker at the Centennial Concert Hall.

We invite all Winnipeggers to come and support the students and the artist collective.

Come Check out NEECHI NICHE, for indigenous and locally-made art and gifts.

NEECHI NICHE takes pride in all the work we carry being made right in Manitoba. We focus on a mixture of contemporary fine arts and traditional craft work.

Items offered at NN are sold on consignment, with great rates for the artists – which means when you the customer support an artist it will in turn inspire them to create more unique gifts. Currently we stock;

  • Moccasins and Mukluks
  • Star blankets, 
  • Fine silver and copper jewelry
  • Traditional handcrafted jewelry
  • Metis sashes, Dream catchers
  • CDs featuring Indigenous singers, musicians
  • Beeswax Candles
  • All-natural Body products, Herbal teas
  • Soapstone carvings, wood sculptors, ornamental pieces
  • Framed paintings, originals on canvas and high quality prints
  • Hand drums, Drum bags
  • Art cards
  • Ceremonial tobacco (Mother Earth) and smudge bowls
  • High quality winter parkas.

Most of our artists are First Nations, Metis, Inuit and local community artists, who live within walking distance of the NEECHI COMMONS complex. 

We seek to empower people through beauty and the sharing of culture. Our goal has been to share the power of art as a healing tool, a social commentary, a way to inspire creativity. We want to continue the tradition of story telling through artistic expression.

NN is a cultural hub, a community centre piece, a safe place to find and express oneself. We draw from Winnipeg’s incredible pool of both emerging and internationally renown Indigenous artists.

In the past year NN has overseen and organized many events such as Artist Openings, Receptions, Book Launches, Workshops, Celebrations, Festivals and Ceremonies. All artistic and cultural events are open to everyone and always free.

NN is community driven. Join the NN community. If you have fine art or craft work you would like to place in our shop, please contact us.

Location – 2nd floor 865 Main Street in Neechi Commons

Contact – Rachel, Neechi Niche Operations Manager / Curator

Email –

Phone –  (204) 949-1338 ext 105

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Here’s a taste of what we offer in Neechi Niche courtesy of Shaw TV GO Winnipeg – Aboriginal day Backstage 30 –       Watch Video here
Published on Jun 24, 2015

On location @ Neechi Commons Tracy and Jaimie introduce artist Arlea Ashcroft, fashion designer Becca Taylor, photographer Scott Benesinnaabandon and mixed media artist Jaime Black. Tracy interviews local author David Robertson about his graphic novel “Betty”                       

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*Don’t forget our magnificent Neechi Niche: Indigenous paintings, jewelery, sculptures, moccasins, star blankets, T-shirts, children’s books, other crafts and music; supplied by over 200 artists, artisans and authors!

* Neechi Niche carries organic Mother Earth Tobacco for ceremonial purposes. Neechi has a long-standing policy of providing ceremonial tobacco while, for health reasons, not selling cigarettes. In 1990 our old corner store on Dufferin Avenue became the first grocery in Winnipeg to not sell cigarettes, far ahead of the pharmacies! This is because we have always understood the connection between health and community economic development.

Donated art work:

  • When you visit Neechi Commons  you will see a lovely wall painting that symbolizes the spirit of our Three Sisters Fruit & Vegetables Courtyard. 20130702 - 3 Sisters #2“Three Sisters” refers to the classic indigenous vegetables, corn, beans and squash, that grew only in the Americas before European contact. The painting was done as a gift to the Commons by renowned artist, Jackie Traverse.
  • Inside the Commons you will also see what was originally a  sidewalk art piece commissioned by Take Pride Winnipeg and located on Portage Avenue. It includes a sketch of Elijah Harper. The art piece was donated to Neechi by the artist, Tom Andrich, a few weeks before Elijah’s passing. Elijah was one of the ribbon cutters at the Grand Opening of our corner store on Dufferin Ave. in January 1990.