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NEECHI NICHE Art Store & Gallery       

Contemporary and traditional work featuring First Nation, Metis, Inuit and local community artists. All of our in store work is hand made and comes directly from the 250 artisans we represent and support.     

showcasing contemporary Indigenous art 



Neechi Niche is an art gallery and shop located on the second floor of Neechi Commons. We focus on representing First Nation, Metis, Inuit, and local community artists. We are a consignment based store that carries traditional craftwork, contemporary fine art and an extensive book selection. We also host a variety of Artistic and cultural events from book launches, to artist talks, and workshops.

Neechi Niche where Artists and community come together.

Location – 2nd floor 865 Main Street in Neechi Commons

Contact – Jade McIvor – Neechi Niche Operations Manager / Curator

Phone –  (204) 949-1338 ext 105

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Here’s a taste of what we offer in Neechi Niche courtesy of Shaw TV GO Winnipeg – Aboriginal day Backstage 30 –       Watch Video here
Published on Jun 24, 2015

On location @ Neechi Commons Tracy and Jaimie introduce artist Arlea Ashcroft, fashion designer Becca Taylor, photographer Scott Benesinnaabandon and mixed media artist Jaime Black. Tracy interviews local author David Robertson about his graphic novel “Betty”

                 babymoccs                     BTdream                   

  • Original paintings &  limited edition prints
  • Handcrafted moccasins
  • Jewelery
  • Dream catchers and medicine wheels and Inukshuks
  • Beautifully illustrated Aboriginal children’s books
  • Largest selection of indigenous Authors and local writers
  • Drum making kits from Manitoba Buckskin
  • Aboriginal music CDs
  • A selection of Metis sashes, sweaters, shawls and housewares
  • Uniquely designed Star Blankets and Four Direction re-usable shopping bags.
  • The Four Directions bags and Star Blankets, crafted by The Northern Star Worker Co-op 


*Don’t forget our magnificent Neechi Niche: Indigenous paintings, jewelery, sculptures, moccasins, star blankets, T-shirts, children’s books, other crafts and music; supplied by over 200 artists, artisans and authors!

* Neechi Niche carries organic Mother Earth Tobacco for ceremonial purposes. Neechi has a long-standing policy of providing ceremonial tobacco while, for health reasons, not selling cigarettes. In 1990 our old corner store on Dufferin Avenue became the first grocery in Winnipeg to not sell cigarettes, far ahead of the pharmacies! This is because we have always understood the connection between health and community economic development.