Special Products

♦ Outstanding wild rice: chemical-free at exceptional value

♦ Pickerel Fillets – great prices and quality

♦ Wild Blueberries: fresh in season, frozen fall and winter

♦ Manitoba Jams, Syrups, Relishes, Salad dressing,  Cheeses and Tea      

♦ Neechi’s renowned Bannock Loaves and Biscuits baked daily! + Bannock Pizza!

redeagle  EtchSash  bookshelf

Neechi Niche Art Store & Gallery:         

Contemporary and Traditional work featuring First Nation, Metis, Inuit and local community artists. All of our in store work is hand made and comes directly from the 250 artisans we represent.     

                 babymoccs                     BTdream                   

  • Original paintings &  limited edition prints
  • Handcrafted moccasins
  • Jewelery
  • Dream catchers and medicine wheels and Inukshuks
  • Beautifully illustrated Aboriginal children’s books
  • Largest selection of indigenous Authors and local writers
  • Drum making kits from Manitoba Buckskin
  • Aboriginal music CDs
  • A selection of Metis sashes, sweaters, shawls and housewares
  • Uniquely designed Star Blankets and Four Direction re-usable shopping bags.
  • The Four Directions bags and Star Blankets are crafted by The Northern Star Worker Co-op, which is now located at Neechi Commons. Please go to the Northern Star web site that is linked to this page in order to view a wide selection of blankets and to place orders.

6 Responses to Special Products

  1. Delores says:

    Love your food! your bannock is the best just like my momma’s.
    Keep up the good work NEECHIE Foods!

  2. bryce says:

    Great Service!

  3. Ashley says:

    I’ve lived across from your store for a number of years, and I’ve always loved your products. Great bannock and pizza. A lunchtime hot spot, can’t wait for the Commons to open. 🙂

  4. Michelle says:

    Best fish anywhere! Lots of other good stuff, too….

  5. Laura Elliott says:

    Back in the 93 if I remember the date correctly, habitat for humanity built houses on Jarvis Ave. It was at this time that Giovanni Gallo and I visited Neechi Foods which was close by (Dufferin Ave). It was the first time I had ever had bannock, fresh and warm out of the oven. I will never forget it. I believe you are the same Neechi Foods as the name was the same.

  6. John Ell says:

    I had lunch the in June 6, 2014, awesome service great bannack bison burger!

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