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Neechi Commons Hours:   » Supermarket: Mon to Sat 9 am – 8 pm, Sun 10 am – 5 pm, ;    » Restaurant: Mon to Sat 9 am  – 5 pm; Sun Brunch 10 am – 2 pm   » Arts Store: Mon to Sat 10:30 am – 6 pm; Sun 10:30 am – 5 pm;   » catering & special events: anytime. Closed Good Friday April 3 & Easter Sunday April 5.  Location: 865 Main St. (at Euclid Ave.), Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Our next flyer will be posted here on April 21. In the meantime there are many in-store specials running every day. We also still have bulk items that are ideal for “winter road” customers or anyone interested in bulk-size savings.

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To be added to our twice-a-month email promotion and update list please send your name and email address to  .

Neechi Commons Turns Two!

link to article in First Nations Voice:

20150318 Ev Sick 1 ……………………………………………………………………….

* Neechi Niche – paintings, jewellery, sculptures, moccasins, star blankets, T-shirts, children’s books, other crafts and music; supplied by 170 artists, artisans and authors, most of whom live within walking distance of Neechi Commons! ……………………………………………………………………….

* EVENTS hosted at the Commons by Neechi Niche. – For more information and further updates please check out the Art and Cultural Events page of our website:    ~ Double book launch: Irene Young, Nena + Samuel Parmar, The Storm (illustrated by grade 3 students in Norway House), Tuesday, March 31, 6 – 9 pm.  ~ COTE Art Sale – Children of the Earth High School Co-op – Sunday, April 26, 11 am – 3 pm (free customer coffee coupons)Flash Fest photographic festival – Idle No More,  Michael Yellow Wing Kannon, display continuing. ~ Flash Fest photographic festival – Inuit communities / 1980s, John Paskievich, display continuing. UM Beading Circle – open to all; Sundays 2 – 4 pm. ……………………………………………………………………….

* Enjoy the spiral staircase or take the elevator for beautiful art, craftwork and books in  Neechi Niche, and great restaurant fare at Come N’ Eat Restaurant. Our well stocked supermarket is on the main floor, complete with our Three Sisters Fruit and Vegetable Courtyard, Kookum’s Bakery and a full-service meat section. Community atmosphere everywhere! * Neechi Niche carries organic Mother Earth Tobacco for ceremonial purposes. Neechi has a long-standing policy of providing ceremonial tobacco while, for health reasons, not selling cigarettes. In 1990 our corner store on Dufferin Avenue became the first grocery in Winnipeg to not sell cigarettes, far ahead of the pharmacies! This is because we have always understood the connection between health and community economic development. * On Louis Riel Day, February 16, Neechi was honoured by Heritage Winnipeg with their Special President’s Award for 2015 for the heritage restoration work that went into the creation of Neechi Commons. The ceremony took place in the rotunda of the old CN Station. * On July 16, 2014, Winnipeg City Council voted to provide Neechi with a “Strategic Economic Incentive Grant” in recognition of the valuable employment, cultural and community building role of Neechi Commons. Here is a link to Neechi’s presentation to the Executive Policy Committee prior to the Council meeting: Winnipeg – EPC 2014 07 16 * Manitoba Hydro Power Smart TV ad featuring Neechi Commons:

* Neechi Foods Co-Op Ltd. is the winner of the 2013 Excellence in Aboriginal Business Leadership Award from the Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba! Here is a link to photos of the Award event at the Winnipeg Convention Centre:   (click the return arrow to return to the Neechi website)

* Neechi is a signatory to  the Manitoba Food Charter

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20130703 dairy cooler #1

20130703 meats #2  20130703 deli meats20130703 groc #1 20130703 groc #2 20130703 groc #4 When you visit Neechi Commons  you will see a lovely wall painting that symbolizes the spirit of our Three Sisters Fruit & Vegetables Courtyard. 20130702 - 3 Sisters #2“Three Sisters” refers to the classic indigenous vegetables, corn, beans and squash, that grew only in the Americas before European contact. The painting was done as a gift to the Commons by renowned artist, Jackie Traverse. 

  • Inside the Commons you will also see what was originally a  sidewalk art piece commissioned by Take Pride Winnipeg and located on Portage Avenue. It includes a sketch of Elijah Harper. The art piece was donated to Neechi by the artist, Tom Andrich, a few weeks before Elijah’s passing. Elijah was one of the ribbon cutters at the Grand Opening of our corner store on Dufferin Ave. in January 1990.
  • We welcome suggestions that can make the Commons increasingly attractive to a wide range of customers. If you have comments to offer please e-mail them to us at .

20130310 Bannock French Toast #1  20150318 MASS 4

201412 rest #7 email  20150306 pckrl lunch 4

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Neechi Commons . . . . Open for Business!

A highly successful  Grand Opening of Winnipeg’s Neechi Commons was held on Tuesday, March 19, 2013.  In addition to the Grocery and Meats Departments and the Three Sisters Fruit and Vegetable Courtyard, the beautiful new facility at 865 Main Street now features Come ‘n Eat Restaurant, which  is dishing up wonderful breakfasts and lunches,  and the lovely Neechi Niche Arts Store and Gallery, which showcases awe-inspiring Aboriginal art work, star blankets, books, jewelry, moccasins, other crafts and art supplies. Work is proceeding on the development of the Specialty Foods Boutique, the Fish Market and The General Store. A couple of  second floor offices, next to a Conference Room and close to Come ‘n Eat, are still available to be rented out. Store hours are listed on the Contact page of this website.

The jam-packed Grand Opening included greetings from community organizations, music and dance performances by students from David Livingstone Elementary School, R. B. Russell Vocational High School, Fubuki Daiko, and the Aboriginal School of Dance, and a reading by Beatrice Mossionier, renowned author and co-manager of Neechi Niche. Greetings from the Government of Canada were conveyed by the Honourable Steven Fletcher, from the Province of Manitoba by the Honourable Kevin Chief, from the City of Winnipeg by Councillor Ross Eadie, and from the Manitoba Metis Federation by President David Chartrand. Other well wishers at Neechi Commons on Grand Opening day included Chief Donovan Fontaine from Sagkeeng First Nation, representatives from Arctic Cooperatives Ltd., the Manitoba Cooperative Association, Credit Union Central of Manitoba, the Aboriginal Centre for Human Resource Development, the federal Urban Aboriginal Strategy, Local Investment Toward Employment (LITE), The Jubilee Fund, the Manitoba Cooperative Loans and Loans Guarantee Board, Assiniboine Credit Union, Me-Dian Credit Union, the United Way of Winnipeg, SEED Winnipeg, various neighbourhood organizations, individual investors and customers.

20130319 - GO #5

20130128-kitchen #2  20130128-courtyard #420130128-courtyard #2 



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