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When your friends and family visit you, introduce them to NEECHI COMMONS, at the entrance to Winnipeg’s historic and famous north end.


Our Summer hours:

  • Supermarket: 9am to 6pm Monday to Saturday, Sunday 12am to 5pm    
  • Bison Berry Restaurant: 7am to 3pm Monday to Saturday                
  • Neechi Niche Art and Crafts Shop: 10:30am to 5pm  Tuesday to Saturday.

Our well stocked supermarket is on the main floor, complete with our Three Sisters Fruit and Vegetable Courtyard, Kookum’s Bakery and an outstanding full-service meat section.  Enjoy the spiral staircase or take the elevator for beautiful art, crafts and books in  Neechi Niche, and great food at BisonBerry Restaurant.

Manitoba products and produce featured.

  • Variety of meats – great quality and prices
  • Full-range groceries and fresh produce
  • Bakery featuring bannock and fresh baking
  • Aboriginal-themed restaurant and catering
  • Beautiful Indigenous arts store and gallery
  • Aboriginal Designers fashion shop

865 Main Street (at Euclid Ave.), Winnipeg, Manitoba


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